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Decoration ideas

Cardboard toys for cats
11 Apr
If there is one thing we have in common with kittens it is, without doubt, our obsession for cardboard boxes. They tend to get into any cardboard box, regardless of the size or the importance of the boxes. Kittens take possession of them, whoever they belong to. And if they are cardboard toys for cats, even better!   Look at Cat cosy in our box for moving! Or for cats... who knows hahaha But, do you know why they love boxes so much?   Why do cats...
Cardboard briefcase handle, to transport easily
22 Nov
We have recently added to our catalogue a new practical cardboard box with multiple uses. A box which you can easily take where you like and use it as packaging for so many little things. In this post today we will introduce our newest item: Our cardboard briefcase with handle.   Cardboard briefcase with handle, perfect to transport comfortably.     Our briefcase box is ideal as a shipping box, very practical to assemble. Isn’t it a brilliant...
Halloween decorations: craft ideas
24 Oct
The most terrifying date of the year is approaching: Halloween night. Have you thought about your Halloween decorations yet? With a little ingenuity you can make the coolest terrifying decorations.   Today we’ll be showing you a few craft ideas for Halloween decorations, to celebrate this year in style! They are perfect to make with your kids or to decorate your shop and surprise your customers.   Create the perfect atmosphere in your home or shop...
Candy bar ideas: Get prepared for your next party
3 Oct
Do you want to make your next party unique? Baptisms, communions, weddings, birthday parties... Many of them are really special days you want to make memorable and really outstand your guests. And in all of these events, there's one protagonist who just keeps getting more and more popular: The candy bar   Organising it is ultra-cool and you only need two things that we're sure you have: Originality and skill.   Thought about depending on the theme or...
How to make a lamp out of a cardboard box… ta-da!
2 Dec
The invaluable Marta from the 2nd funniest thing came up with and photographed this tutorial.   You'll fall in love with today's DIY tutorial, which will make your creative light shine bright inside you... I know, I know, that was pretty bad wordplay. In deed, what we are going to show you is how to make a lamp out of one of our cardboard boxes, more specifically, out of our famous, acclaimed and widely known picnic box (round of applause). So, without further...