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Cardboard briefcase handle, to transport easily
22 Nov
We have recently added to our catalogue a new practical cardboard box with multiple uses. A box which you can easily take where you like and use it as packaging for so many little things. In this post today we will introduce our newest item: Our cardboard briefcase with handle.   Cardboard briefcase with handle, perfect to transport comfortably.     Our briefcase box is ideal as a shipping box, very practical to assemble. Isn’t it a brilliant...
Halloween decorations: craft ideas
24 Oct
The most terrifying date of the year is approaching: Halloween night. Have you thought about your Halloween decorations yet? With a little ingenuity you can make the coolest terrifying decorations.   Today we’ll be showing you a few craft ideas for Halloween decorations, to celebrate this year in style! They are perfect to make with your kids or to decorate your shop and surprise your customers.   Create the perfect atmosphere in your home or shop...
Autumn weddings: advice and ideas
8 Sep
More and more couples are choosing to get married in the autumn season. Are you one of them? Today we are giving you advice and ideas for autumn weddings.   The most romantic air is breathed between the months of October and December. The russet colours and the orange tones start to play the leading roles, playing games with the greens, browns and purples. A season full of charm and magic.   Are you prepared for a rustic and romantic...
Wedding invitations with wax seal
6 Jul
Today we bring you an express tutorial, a quick and easy video guide to making your own wedding invitations and giving them a most unique touch in a classic style. These items have just been incorporated into our DIY section and will delight lovers of the 19th century Victorian style.     With this mold for wax seals, and wax sticks, you can make your creations that are this beautiful and unique:     To complete your wedding...
Valentine’s Day ideas for an ever lasting love
10 Feb
The thing with time is that it goes so quickly, you don’t even have time to notice how crazily fast it has passed! It seems like it was only a few weeks ago we were preparing the Christmas campaign, and now we have already broken the majority of our new years resolutions and have waded through the January blues. And what this means is that it’s that time of year again: we are fast approaching the day where love is in the air (and in the window displays), and we at...