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How to make a Welcome Pack
23 Jun
In many cases, packaging ends up being a marketing strategy to promote products or create brand experiences through their boxes, wrapping or labelling. This is why brands are more and more interested in creating Welcome Packs. Welcome packaging, to present the product, packaging for sales, etc. Today we want to show you the importance and possible kinds of Welcome Packs and, of course, how to make a Welcome Pack.   What is a Welcome Pack? A Welcome Pack has...
Save the date
16 Jun
The moment has arrived: You’re getting married! Now you have an endless list of choices to make and things to arrange: the date, the place, the meal, the dress, etc. But let's start with the most important part: sharing the news with your loved ones. Both family and friends will be thrilled to hear. Of course, no one should miss it, so you need to make a full list of guests. Once you have it, you need to make sure everyone saves the date so they can make it. You could do...
Hello baby!
9 Jun
The arrival of a baby is a very special moment. A baby comes loaded with smiles and joy. Both the mum and the baby get lots of presents. But what the parents need most during the first few months after the baby's arrival are nappies and onesies. The more the better! So let's get some pretty onesies and, put them into very cool boxes! To do so we are going to prepare a fun and different pack for the new-born. We can do it in the shades we want: pastel colours or stronger...
10 ideas on How to wrap boxes
1 Jun
More than once you must have thought, How do I wrap this box? We know it's the first impression that counts, so it is important to know how to decorate it to fit each occasion. You may need to decorate a box for Valentine's day, a birthday or maybe a wedding. There are many maybes, which is why today we want to show you How to wrap boxes. 10 ideas on how to wrap boxes for different occasions. All very different but all very, very special. Let's get cracking! We...
Kit for the bride
25 May
You and your friends are looking for a celebration and a wedding. The party, the fun, laughter and tears are a must in these kinds of events. These very emotional moments become unforgettable to the bride and groom's friends and family. Luckily in your group of friends, one of you just got engaged! There is no time to lose: the fun and the partying should begin, the sooner the better. You have already started planning the bachelorette party but it won't happen for a...