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Do you want to be my bridesmaid?
24 Apr
You and your friends are close, it's easy to tell. And now you're getting married... even more so! They get you and are there for you all the time: when you hesitate about the number of starters you should serve, when you don't know which kind of paper would be best for invitations, when you don't know whether to braid your hair or wear it down... They are nothing but supportive. And because only the most special friends are promoted to bridesmaids, the "favour" needs to...
Cardboard toys for cats
11 Apr
If there is one thing we have in common with kittens it is, without doubt, our obsession for cardboard boxes. They tend to get into any cardboard box, regardless of the size or the importance of the boxes. Kittens take possession of them, whoever they belong to. And if they are cardboard toys for cats, even better!   Look at Cat cosy in our box for moving! Or for cats... who knows hahaha But, do you know why they love boxes so much?   Why do cats...
SelfPackaging collabores with… Go Customized
6 Apr
Are you thinking of adding an original and different touch to your smartphone? An excellent alternative to make your device stand out by customizing your smartphone. An external accessory that will allow you to add a unique touch to your phone. Go Customized knows a lot about this. They are a young startup dedicated exclusively to customized cases. They mainly work on accessories for mobile devices: customized, unique and original. And since we are DIY and...
American movie night at home
31 Mar
It doesn't matter if you haven't set foot in a cinema for ages, good habits should not be lost. Popcorn with the film, please! Because cinema is not the same without them, is it? You may not have a popcorn stand in your living room, but microwaved popcorn carried into the lounge is not the same at all. At SelfPackaging we are very committed to home cinema, to couch and blanket sessions, so we have looked for (and found) a way of taking them to the next level. Who said an...
Easter Chocolate
23 Mar
Ladies and gentlemen, it's almost Easter! This means we will soon be surrounded by bunnies, pastel coloured eggs and, of course, chocolate. Heaps of chocolate of every kind, shape and size. At SelfPackaging we love a holiday, but we are crazy about giving them a twist with our cardboard boxes. This time we thought you may want to prepare one of these two surprise boxes for that special someone near you. Whether they are children or not... they will love it! Love has no...