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Picnic gift box 2215

Cardboard picnic box available in three different sizes. The ideal box for special occasions. Surprise everyone by wrapping presents with it. Important: the largest size includes an extra part for the base, to make it more robust.

Assembly: 1 min

DIMENSIONS (height x length x width)


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What is Food protection?
What is Food protection?

It’s a transparent plastic protection which is included in the inner side of the box in order to be used for alimentary use: cake baking, chocolates or other food products. Warning:

1. This protection is made in white and in kraft colour only.

2. It can be used in confectionary or dry products; it’s not adequate for other kind of food products (hot meals, fresh food products…).

Price / UnitAll Taxes included


Tip 1

Grooves are marks in U shape which show us the dots where we should bend the material when we assemble the pack. In order to get optimal results, take a look at the following image:

Groove wrongly bent

Hendido Incorrecto

Groove well bent

Hendido Correcto

To get optimal results, you have to manipulate each groove in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Put the paper in a way that the concave part of the groove is facing up.
  • Step 2: Bend each groove inwards, that is to say, towards the concave part and then outwards, to its convex part, to make sure the pleat is well marked.
  • Step 3: Assemble the box with the groove inside, that is to say, making sure that it is in the inside part of the pack.
Tip 2

It’s important you fold the grooves before assembling any box. With an optimal folding, boxes look much better!

Tip 3

Be careful, light coloured cardboards (quartz) can be stained easier than other colours.

Tip 4

In order to print the labels we enclose Word templates which help you to place the logo properly, the photos or the sentences you would like to print. Each pack has its label template, adapted to its measurements.

Tip 5

If you want to use the metallic labels, you should take into account that it’s recommended not to print in light inks on them , because they don’t stand out enough.

Tip 6

If the object you want to put inside the box weights a lot, we recommend you not to choose this pack, because its resistance is limited.

Tip 7

In the main page of each pack you can see the designs we love the most, and in the Ideas section, you’ll find original proposals for your personal and company gifts.

Total price:1000 units Taxes included n/a

Resumen del pedido +

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Unidades: 1000

Color: Rojo

Complementos: Reno

Etiquetas: Oro










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How to use the templates to make your own labels

1.Download this document and open it

You can download it in Word format or in PDF files.


2. Depending on what you want to write on them you have two possibilities:

A. Inserting an image

If you have downloaded the Word template, click on ‘Insert’ which is on the toolbar > ‘Image’ and search in your computer the image you want to use.

Adjust the size and centre it in each box the label is going to take up.

If you have downloaded the PDF template you can insert, using Photoshop, the design you want in each one of the boxes the labels are going to take up.

B. Writing a text

If you have downloaded the Word template, write the text in each one of the boxes, select it and make the text format and colour adjustments that you prefer.

If you have downloaded the PDF template you can insert, using Photoshop, the text you want in each one of the boxes.

3. Your labels are ready to print.

You should print them on one of the adhesive pieces of paper which we enclose with your order so that you can easily stick them on your little box. But we suggest you to test it with ordinary paper before, to make sure the position you have to introduce the paper in the printer.


Warning: The gold and silver labels only work properly with ink injection printers, no the laser ones. Moreover, these papers tend to distort colours, so the result will be optimal only with the printings in black. If the thing you want to print has colour (especially light colours) we suggest you to use glossy labels.

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